Photo gallery - some of our journey in pictures

June 2019 - We were able to supply the school with enough food to feed all the children and staff for a month.

June 2019 - It was great to be able to join together in teaching some lessons - Science, Geography and Maths.

June 2019 - Lunch was posho and yellow banana .

June 2019 - These boys learn how to carve, join and handle wood in order to become furniture makers. They learn for hope in the future.

June 2019 - At this project near Fort Portal, hand made items support these families and they provide hope for the future.

May 2019 - School buildings are not people... and it is these people who matter.

June 2019 - Widow Kadijah was delighted to meet up again after 11 years. Her house that School for Uganda built is still standing strong and it was a joyous moment.

May 2019 - The classrooms temporarily relocated to the old goat house and chicken shed whilst the school is re-built.

The replacement classrooms are beginning to be constructed, but need an additional £3000 to be completed.

May 2019 - Then we discovered what had become of the school buildings because of a catastrophic decision made by the headteacher.

From this...just a few months ago, to a sterile quarry. It was devastatingly sad.

May 2019 - We were met by the school children singing and clapping. It was a wonderful and memorable welcome.

May 2019 - The children greeted us happily.

Linda Damali and Elizabeth discussing the land that School for Uganda purchased to build the school on.

Full planning approval achieved for the entire site. Plans were drawn by Ugandan architects.

Bricks arrive and the project gains pace.

Foundations in and the walls are growing for the first block of 4 classrooms and a small office.

The roof goes on and the first class room block becomes a reality.

No heavy lifting equipment here...just teamwork and sheer effort.

Classrooms are skimmed and painted and they all have concrete floors and shutters for the windows.

The outside of the school is painted and our motto added: 'Forwards in Friendship'

Hope and Joy Nursery and Primary School opened to students in 2012 - six years after the formation of the charity and four years from Elizabeth's visit to discuss the site with Linda.

Lessons about soil and drainage of water.

Beans grown for children's lunches at Hope and Joy School

Animal husbandry and care for livestock

First piglets arrive.

The school roll to date:

2012 = 38

2013 = 64

2014 = 83

2015 = 100

2016 = 130

2017 = 136

2018 = 139

2019 = 42

May 2019 = school destroyed.